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Warranty & Registration

Registering Your Boiler

Please make sure to register your boiler to activate your warranty. Fill out the boiler registration form and follow the directions for submital to complete the registration. You must include serial number,  model number and date of installation. The serial number and model will be located on the rating plate of the boiler. For help finding your serial number, click here. To make a claim you will need proof of date of installation. Save your contractor's receipt for proof. If it is not available, the date the boiler was manufactured is the date that will be used. To view the warranty of your boiler, look for the specific model of your boiler. For boilers not listed, refer to the Boiler Warranty.

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Boiler/Product  Registration Form


Cast Iron Boiler Warranty

Condensing Gas Boiler Warranty

Baseboard Warranty

Kicker Warranty

Water Heater Warranty

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