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FS Series

FS Series

  • Material: FS-7: 18, 16 & 14-ga options
    FS-14 and FS-21: 16 & 14-ga options
  • Heights: 11" (one tier) 18" (one or two tier) 25" (up to three tier)
  • Lengths: 2' to 8'
  • Depth: 5-1/2"

FS Series is an attractive but rugged floor mounted hydronic radiation. Ideal for use next to walls with floor to ceiling windows. High output perimeter heating delivers maximum comfort while helping to prevent moisture condensing on windows. Extensive selection of decorator colors.



Product Features

  • Rugged floor mounted top outlet cover
  • Up to 3 Tiers for higher output
  • Aluminum Grill Option
  • Decorator Colors Available Upon Request
  • Ideal for use with High Efficiency Boilers
  • Choice of 5 commercial copper or steel elements

How It Works

Slant/Fin baseboard provides gentle full room convection heating that blocks chilling drafts at the outside walls. Slant/Fin hot water baseboard heating surrounds your customers with heating comfort. Natural convection perimeter heating blocks chilling drafts at the outside walls where they originate. No annoying on-and-off blowing ducts. No dirt and germs blown through forced air system. Easy to zone for room by room comfort control. Ideal for use with high efficiency boiler.

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