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J Series

J Series

  • Material: Available in 18,16 or 14-gauge front cover
  • Heights:9-7/8" (one tier) 14" (one tier) 21" (one or two tier) 28" (up to three tier)
  • Lengths: 2' to 8'
  • Depth:

J Series fin tube enclosures are functional and durable units. J Series is popular for deluxe commercial installations, schools, offices, hospitals, churches and office buildings. The sloping louvered top is attractive and prevents use of the enclosure as a shelf or seat.



Product Features

  • Single-piece cover mounts on wall brackets
  • Optional Damper
  • Galvanized finish is standard. Baked enamel available.
  • Copper with aluminum fins: C-340, C-440, C-540
  • Steel with electro-galvanized steel fins: S-532, S-540, S-832
  • Connectors align cover sections which butt to one another, providing a near seamless joint
  • Uses internal or external splice plate.
  • Telescopic accessories

How It Works

Slant/Fin baseboard provides gentle full room convection heating that blocks chilling drafts at the outside walls. Slant/Fin hot water baseboard heating surrounds your customers with heating comfort. Natural convection perimeter heating blocks chilling drafts at the outside walls where they originate. No annoying on-and-off blowing ducts. No dirt and germs blown through forced air system. Easy to zone for room by room comfort control.