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LC Series

LC Series

  • Material: 18-gauge galvanized 
  • Heights: 8.5" (one tier)
    14" (two tier)
  • Lengths: 2' to 8'
  • Depth: 3 1/2"

LC Series fin tube enclosures are functional and economical. Popular for light commercial installations such as schools and office buildings. The sloping louvered top is attractive and prevents use of the enclosure as a shelf or seat. Accessories are telescopic eliminating critical linear and vertical tolerances. All accessories snap into place without screws or other fasteners. Houses Slant/Fins commercial grade H elements.


Product Features

  • Choose from Slant/Fin's 5 H-elements for various output requirements
  • Wall brackets and Hangers sold separately
  • Finish: Galvanized is standard. Custom color available.
  • Lengths from 2' to 8'
  • Telescopic cover accessories

How It Works

Slant/Fin baseboard provides gentle full room convection heating that blocks chilling drafts at the outside walls. Slant/Fin hot water baseboard heating surrounds your customers with heating comfort. Natural convection perimeter heating blocks chilling drafts at the outside walls where they originate. No annoying on-and-off blowing ducts. No dirt and germs blown through forced air system. Easy to zone for room by room comfort control. Ideal for use with high efficiency boilers.

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