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Jaguar Boilers

Jaguar Boilers

  • Fuel: Gas-Fired
  • System: Hot Water
  • Capacity: to 390,000-over 3 million BTUH
  • Efficiency: up to 96.1% efficiency

The new generation modulating, condensing gas boiler is here. This new generation design incorporates a cast aluminum heat exchanger that is corrosion resistant while its high thermal conductivity heats boiler water quickly. The Jaguar can be set up as a single boiler or a caravan system. A Caravan multiple boiler system is the smart way to heat your building.


Product Features

  • Up to 96.1% efficiency
  • Cast aluminum Mono Block heat exchanger
  • 3.5:1 Modulation
  • 110,000 to 390,000 single boiler Btuh input
  • Natural gas
  • PVC, CPVC or stainless steel air intake and vent pipe—100' equivalent length
  • Quiet operation
  • Environmentally friendly - Low NOx
  • Built-in digital control board with outdoor reset
  • Built-in Link cascading control
  • Designed for single and multiple boiler applications
  • Limited 10 year warranty for commercial applications

How It Works

A caravan multiple hot water boiler heating system, consisting of 2 or more compact boilers installed in a series offers significant advantages in terms of installed cost, efficiency, flexibility and reliability. These multiple boilers fire in eithe sequential or parallel modulation depending on how they are set up. Advanced controls monitor outside conditions to modulate system water temperature. A microprocessor system control monitors the outside air temperature and the temperature of the water circulating through the building's heating system. As the outside temperature rises or falls, the Caravan system responds by lowering or increasing the system's water temperature. It automatically controls the muliple boiler input to match the actual heating demand. By firing just enough heat input to meet the demand, Caravan systems optimize efficiently through the entire year. Caravan boilers are energized one at a time as needed.

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