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Deluxe Monitron Series

Deluxe Monitron Series (includes Monitron II and Minitron)

  • Electric: 240 or 208 volt, Single phase or three phase
  • System: Hot Water, Electric
  • Combustion:
  • Capacity: 9 sizes, 8 - 40 KW (240V)
  • Efficiency:

The Monitron Deluxe boilers are hot water boiler heating systems which are electronic-age boilers designed to save energy for new or existing heating systems. Monitron II and Minitron combine the availability and dependability of electricity with the comfort and performance of conventional hydronic heating using baseboard, radiant or cast-iron radiators. The Monitron Deluxe Series works with virtually any existing hot water hydronic radiation system. The EM-10 boiler temperature control is an efficient boiler operator with a digital LED display with backlight, a boiler pump output and an alarm.


Product Features

  • 27 - 137 MBH D.O.E Capacity (240V)
  • Compatible with any hot water hydronic radiation system
  • One piece cast-iron heat exchanger
  • Internal baffles improve heat transfer
  • Compact, easy to install
  • Minimal maintenance
  • EM-10 electronic 4 stage boiler control
  • Outdoor reset with DHW priority
  • External control through BMS signal
  • Set point operation
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

How It Works

When the thermostat calls for heat, the circulator turns on and the first electric heater bank is energized. The circulator continues operating until the room thermostat is satisfied. A flow switch supplied by Slant/Fin or others is required. It prevents the elements from being energized unless the circulator is operating. This avoids element burnout. Mild-weather energy savings are made possible through the use of a warm weather shut-down feature of the control. This energy saving feature is standard on Monitron II and Minitron models.

Product Video

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