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Victory VSPH

Victory VSPH

victory vsph2
  • Fuel: Gas
  • System: Hot Water
  • Combustion: Sealed Combustion
  • Capacity: 5 sizes, 60 - 180 MBH Input
  • Efficiency: up to AFUE 86.1%

For Value And Reliability, Victory VSPH Is Your Smart Choice In Sealed Combustion Boilers. This direct-vented hot water boiler is ideal for homes, apartments, condos and any application where a chimney may not be practical or where an old chimney has deteriorated. Save construction costs and allow more living space with a power-vented Victory VSPH  boiler.

The quality built Victory VSPH boiler provides everything you want in a sealed combustion boiler chimney-less installation with electronically controlled efficiency, comfort and safety. Yet it is a reliable cast-iron boiler with a lifetime limited warranty.


Product Features

  • No chimney required
  • Economically priced
  • Vents directly through a wall with 3" stainless steel piping
  • Factory installed flue discharge components save field service & assembly
  • Installation versatility - no chimney required
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty

How It Works

Your home will be more comfortable with a Victory VSPH boiler because it does not use household air for combustion. It draws combustion air directly from the outdoors. There is no open flame and no vent system components that permit exhaust or flame to “back up” into the house. Unlike the VSPH, ordinary boilers consume warm household air for combustion, which causes chilly infiltration drafts, disrupting the comfort of your living area. The electronic integrated boiler control monitors the status of boiler components and controls the sequence of operation.

Product Video

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