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Whether you are looking for high efficiency boilers, gas boilers or oil boilers Slant/Fin has what you need.

We provide a full range of comfort heating for commercial boiler applications.

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High Efficiency Boilers

Jaguar Boilers CHS Mutiple Boiler System
Slant/Fin | High Effciency Boilers and Baseboard

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Gas, modulating condensing, efficiency up to 96.1%

Gas, modulating condensing, boiler operating efficiency up to 95% 


Commercial Boilers

Caravan Boilers Jaguar Boilers  
Slant/Fin | High Effciency Boilers and Baseboard Slant/Fin | High Effciency Boilers and Baseboard  

Cast iron, up to 83% efficiency for gas; 85.9% efficiency for oil

Gas, modulating condensing, efficiency up to 96.1%


hybrid system

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