Hawk Oil, Gary Leston, Owner

Hawk Oil/Owner


“I work with several local Plumbing and Heating Contractors and set-up, adjust and perform combustion analysis on new oil fired boiler installations. I had always been a Weil-McLain boiler installer until I fired my first Slant/Fin Eutectic Boiler for Wells Plumbing and Heating. I was immediately impressed by the whisper quiet operation of the burner. When I saw the results of the combustion efficiency analysis I became a convert to the Slant/Fin Eutectic”.

Gary Leston, President

Hawk Oil Co.


Al at Bender Plumbing

Bender Plumbing

“I recently had a situation trying to complete  an order for some commercial baseboard.  My customer made some last minute changes and the job needed to be  finished by the end of the week, so it was in no way slant fins fault.  I was dealing with Allyx in your customer service department and I want to let you know that she was both patient and pleasant  through it all.  I thought you should know what a great job she did for me and your company.

Best regards.

Buche & Associates Inc

Buche & Associates Inc

We are proud to announce that James Thompson is the recipient of the 2014 “Shining Star Award” by Buche & Assoc. This award recognized James as a Sales Manager that is “head and shoulders above the rest.” Peter Buche says in a letter to us “We came up with this award as a way to say thank you to someone the makes our job easier and understands what teamwork is all about. It is a small token of our gratitude but we feel it is important for you to know that his efforts make a difference. James is a great representative of Slant/Fin and is a big part of why Buche & Associates has been successful selling Slant/Fin”.

We are very proud of James and Buche & Assoc. for their accomplishments as the Regional Sales Manager & Rep for Slant/Fin Corp. covering Colorado, and the recent additions of New Mexico and Texas. James also has been the Regional Sales Mgr. for the Utah area and has done wonderful there as well. Congratulations to James for a job well done and thank you to Buche & Carmco Associates for recognizing his efforts.