“Heating for a Cure” Charity Questions:

Q: How much does Slant/Fin donate on the Pink boilers?

A: $50 for each sold.

Q: Which Charity is donated to and why did we chose them?

A: We have chosen National Breast Cancer Foundation to donate to because this charity has been found to efficiently utilize donations to pursue their mission.   We found that they provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services and research.

An example of a program they have is partnership with medical facilities across the country to provide free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to underserved women through the NBCF National Mammography Program. In addition, the NBCF National Mammography Program requires that medical facilities, within their network, have the capacity to continue treatment after an abnormal finding or diagnosis of breast cancer.

NBCF also continues to help women by funding targeted research. They believe improvements in treatment options are needed now. That’s why NBCF is focused on funding research projects that seek to improve the outcome of this disease and further advancements in personalized therapies.

Above are just a couple of examples of why we chose this organization. To learn more go to:  http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/about-nbcf

We also found NBCF to be highly rated with 4 stars (out of 4) on the Charity Navigator.  

The Charity Navigator’s mission is to guide intelligent giving. By guiding intelligent giving, they aim to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace, in which givers and the charities they support work in tandem to overcome our nation’s and the world’s most persistent challenges.

Charity Navigator is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code and does not accept any contributions from any charities they evaluate. Attached is their link so you can learn more about how they rate charities. http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=17


Boiler Questions:

Q. What makes Slant/Fin Boilers a cost-effective choice?

A.  Slant/Fin boilers come standard with a premium Hydrolevel control, making your Slant/Fin boiler a home appliance which will save you money year after year.  Our standard control has these premium features:*

• Low Water Cut Off with Automatic or Manual reset
• LED Indicating lights – easy to read and diagnose
• Boiler water temperature reset – The boiler water
supply temperature automatically adjusts based on
the number of zones calling and the thermostats
run time, giving greater comfort and fuel savings.
• Optional outdoor sensor – an inexpensive option,
the boiler water supply temperature is now
adjusted based on outdoor air temperature,
further enhancing fuel savings. (Optional outdoor
reset sensor not available on VHS, VSPH)

For more information, Click here

Q. What is the difference between a boiler and a furnace?

A.This is an important difference to understand. Click here for the answer.


Q. What should I do with my flood-damaged boiler?

A. You should never operate a boiler that was flooded or you suspect it was flooded before it is serviced by a qualified, licensed contractor. Generally, it is less expensive and always safer to replace a boiler that was flooded. Even if the boiler still operates it could malfunction in a week, month or longer and the failure could lead to fire, CO poisoning or another very dangerous situation. Please be safe! To read the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association recommendations please click here:  GAMA Flood Damage Recommendations


Q. What is the warranty on my boiler?

A. The warranties for all boilers would be located in the Product Literature for each item. As is standard practice with almost all boiler manufacturers, peripheral parts on our boilers are purchased from other manufacturers and are not manufactured by Slant/Fin. We extend the warranty that those manufacturers give to us. Typically, parts are covered from one year of the date of installation. The casting assembly or heat exchanger is manufactured by us and carries longer warranties which can vary depending on the model of the boiler. In most cases, labor costs in changing parts is not covered. All warranty claims must be made either through your licensed contractor or the wholesale distributor the part or boiler was purchased from.

If you can’t find your boiler listed under products, it may be a legacy product. For warranty information on these please call Tech. Service at (800) 873-4346.


Q. How can I find out the age of my boiler?

A. Identify the serial number on the rating plate of the boiler and then call Tech. Service at (800) 873-4346. To see samples of rating plates and examples of how to find serial numbers, click here.


Q. Does Slant/Fin have telephone support for troubleshooting?

A. Telephone support is available for licensed contractors for specific troubleshooting problems should they need it. Service and troubleshooting usually requires technical knowledge and specialized tools and instruments and should not be undertaken by the homeowner no matter how handy the homeowner is. We cannot advise homeowners how to changes parts or diagnose a problem. Undertaking repairs without a full knowledge of heating appliances can result in serious damage or injury. In addition, many localities require anyone working on a heating boiler to be properly licensed.


Q. Can I convert my oil boiler to gas?

A. We have no approved products for this, but a Midco or Carlin Powerburner may suit your needs. You would have to go through them, as Slant/Fin does not endorse or sell either item.

  • Carlin: (800) 989-2275
  • Midco: (866) 705-0514


Q. Are there any rebates for my boiler?

A. Each state has it’s own links to their rebate offerings. We can supply them. You can check our Rebate & Tax Credit Info tab under either the Homeowner or Professional section of our website. The list may not include all programs.


Q. Where can I get boiler replacement parts from?

A. We recommend only professional heating contractors to work on a boiler. We recommend all parts being purchased through a Slant/Fin wholesale distributor.

You can find a wholesale distributor on our Locator.


Q. How can I figure out if it would be cheaper to have an electric boiler or an oil boiler?

A. First figure out the oil consumption in gallons for a particular period of time. Multiply the cost of gallon of oil by your consumption for the particular period. To compare to electric cost for same period, figure 1 gallon of oil is equal to 40.739 kw of electricity. Multiply 40.739 by the number of gallons used in period to determine total kilowatts needed. Multiply the cost of a kwh by total kilowatts needed to determine what your electric cost would be.


Q. Where do I find the MEA # or other code approvals?

A. On each boiler page of our website, search the Technical Literature tab. Look for PDF called “Code Approvals”.


Q. How do I find a repairman or contractor for my boiler?

A. Slant/Fin is a manufacturer. We do not have a repair service. Repairs are done by qualified and licensed independent contractors. We have no relationships with any contractor as we sell our products solely through plumbing supply wholesalers.  If you need repairs, you should contact your oil or gas supplier for their recommendations regarding contractors. You can also look for a contractor on our Locator.


Baseboard Questions:


Q. I want to repaint my baseboard, what can I use?

A. We recommend our touch-up spray paint cans for small spots or any Rust-o-leum paint for larger jobs.


Q. My baseboard is rusting, what I can I do?

A. You can touch up spots with spray paint, or repaint the entire board. For the best looking baseboard, replace the front and back panel. Our 30 series and 80 series is made of galvanized steel and won’t rust.


Q. How can I order touch-up paint for my baseboard?

A.Click here to order touch-up paint online.

You now can order baseboard in Decorator Colors. Product can be ready in 2-3 weeks!

Q. How much Baseboard do I need?

A. There is no easy “rule of thumb” in calculating the amount of baseboard needed in an area. The most common “rule of thumb” is taking an arbitrary number of BTUs and multiplying by the square footage. Another way contractors install baseboard is to line all exterior walls. Both of these methods are highly inaccurate as many other factors contribute to heat loss. The square footage of an area being only a small portion of that. The proper way is to perform a heat loss calculation. A heat loss calculation takes into consideration many factors such as glass, insulation, inside and outside walls, etc. Once this calculation is completed, you will know how many BTUs it will take to heat the area. Baseboard radiation is rated in BTUs per linear foot and differ between models and brands. Once you know how many BTUs are needed, you can then easily calculate how many linear feet of baseboard is needed by dividing the BTU rating per foot of a particular baseboard into the total BTUs needed for that area. The industry standard for rating heat output of any baseboard is at the 180°F rating for that particular element.


Q. How can I change enclosure covers on baseboard?

A. Our baseboard enclosures are designed to fit our baseboard. They are model specific. They are not normally interchangeable with other manufacturer’s brands or models. In limited instances, they may fit some other manufacturer’s brand. This is because there are installation differences in the fin-tube itself as far as height above the floor, distance from the wall, overall size of the fins, etc. As replacement covers contain brackets which serve to support the fin-tube and also to support the front cover, any fin-tube that may be installed to different measurements would prevent proper installation and fit. A competent contractor should be consulted when contemplating replacing only the enclosures. Cover only is available for purchase through wholesale distribution but you would need complete dimensions of the old cover to assure the new cover fits.


Finding a Contractor or Distributor:


Q. Where can I buy Slant/Fin products?

A. Slant/Fin sells only through wholesale distribution. You can find a wholesale distributor by using our Locator.


Q. Does Slant/Fin have recommended contractors to fix my boiler/hot water heating system?

A. You can find a contractor by using our Locator. However, it is the homeowners responsibility to check credentials. All contractors are independent of Slant/Fin. We are not responsible for the quality of work or service.


Literature or Material Questions:


Q. Where can I find installation/operating instructions for my boilers?

A. You can find these under the Product Literature tab for each item.


Q. Does Slant/Fin still make the Hydronic Explorer?

A. Unfortunatley we do not. Most contractors will be able to do a heat loss calculation. Once the BTUs are determined you can call Tech. Service at (800) 873-4346 for help in identifying an appropriate product.


General Questions


Q. Why do I want a Hydronic(Hot Water) Baseboard Heating System?

A. A hot water heating (hydronic) system is known to be the most comfortable heating available. Hydronic heating maintains comfort in your home with hot water circulating throughout the home through baseboard and radiant tubing using a boiler. The system will consists of a boiler, pump and baseboard and or radiant tube connected by water piping. The boiler heats water to temperatures between 120º and 210º, and the water is then pumped through the piping in the baseboards located around the outer perimeter of the home for a curtain of warmth, or in the floor in radiant systems. With hydronic heating there is no blowing of air as with hot air heat using a furnace and air ducts. Because there is no blowing of air there is no dust flying around which makes hydronic heating a healthier and cleaner way to heat your home.


Consumer Products:


Q. Does Slant/Fin still sell humidifiers or electric baseboard?

A. No. Slant/Fin sold the consumer division of their product line in 2006. It was purchased by a company called Kaz. You can call Kaz direct at (800) 332-1110. Listen to menu options carefully to choose the correct product.