Promo Calendar

All contractors that join the certification program will receive a Promo Calendar.

Digital Resources

Our exciting new website features complete product information, collateral materials, and even helpful videos. Visit our Blog frequently at for the latest industry news.

Advertising Support

All contractors that enroll in the certification program will receive a Hydro-Master patch, truck decal, and Slant/Fin’s support with ad design to help promote your business. Certified Hydro-Masters will also receive on-line marketing support with our Google Ad Network program. All Hydro-Masters can earn co-op dollars to be applied to print, tv, radio, or online advertising.

Website Locator Listing

When certified, HydroMasters will be added to our website Locator to help homeowners find a contractor in their area. This supplies you with valuable referrals. Our contractor Locator has gotten an average of over 3,000 hits per month.

A Business Development Program for Hydronic Professionals

Boiler Registration

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Sales Consulting

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Marketing Tools

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