More news on the Columbia Island Job

Arc Fuel/Extreme Energy, of  Babylon, NY. was selected by the owner to do the heating equipment installation. To satisfy the high BTU requirements the contractor, working with Perry LaBarbera, the Slant/Fin sales rep, determined that Slant/Fin radiation, model numbers RF-14 and RF-21, in 16 gauge with C-440, 1” copper/aluminum elements would do the job nicely. This is heavy duty commercial radiation that has a flat front and top with louvers on the front panel so it can be recessed into the wall for a clean, designer look. The metal panels are galvanized steel for rust resistance, especially needed in this location. They will be custom painted by Slant/Fin with a powder coat epoxy in Nu-white. The material will be delivered in October and November so the home will be heated throughout the winter.

Stay tuned for more info as we will try to get a film crew over to Columbia Island to show the installation of this unique job.