Monitron EH Boiler


  • Electric: 240 or 208 volt, Single phase or three phase
  • System: Hot Water, Electric
  • Combustion:
  • Capacity: 9 sizes, 8 – 40 KW(240V)

The Slant/Fin Monitron electric boiler is a hot water boiler heating system which is the smart choice as a heat source for virtually any hydronic heating system when another fuel is not available, or when a back-up for other heating equipment is desired.  Monitron is particularly suited for commercial and industrial facilities, or office buildings which can’t risk down time with their existing heating equipment. If oil or gas is temporarily unavailable, the owner easily switches the heating system to the electric boiler. The boiler works with virtually any baseboard, convector or radiant heating system, providing all the comforts of modern hydronics.